Charity Team Building Events Offered in Dallas, Texas

charity team building Dallas TXBelow is a list of a few of the most popular charity team building events in Dallas, Texas and other North Texas cities. Team Building Dallas is a proud Leader’s Institute ® company. We have offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX. In 2005, the founder of The Leader’s Institute ®, Doug Staneart, led the first Build-A-Bike ® charity team building event at the brand new Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine, TX. Since then, an entire industry has developed. Philanthropic team building events are some of the most popular convention and annual meeting activities because they add real team development along with fun philanthropic donations.

Team Building Dallas, Home of the Original Charity Team Building Event – Build-A-Bike ®

Build-A-BikeFor almost a decade, Dallas has been the home of the original bicycle team building event, Build-A-Bike ®.  The Leader’s Institute® is based in Arlington, Texas, and they taught the first Build-A-Bike® charity team building program in 2005.  Since then, over 200,000 people have participated in this event and over 50,000 bicycles have been donated to needy children.  These programs are so fun and are such a crowd pleaser that they are still the most popular team activity in the world.  From the time that your group walks into the room to the time that each of them hands over that new bicycle to their specific child, they are scrambling and competing (and laughing) with each other.  This is a great team bonding experience. For more information, complete the form below…

Golf Team Building?

Golf Team BuildingA fun option for your group is a high energy golf activity where participants earn materials to build a mini-golf course right in the banquet hall.  The twist is that the entire course is made from non-perishable food items like macaroni and cheese boxes and canned goods.  Once the course is complete, team race from one hole to the next trying to get someone from their group to score a hole-in-one.  The camaraderie built from this activity is contagious. Each team member tries over and over to get the elusive “ace”. Cheers galore erupt as each group conquers each hole.  At the conclusion of the event, participants box up the food items, and we donate anywhere from a half-ton to sometimes up to two or three tons of food to the local homeless shelter.  For more information, complete the form below…

Team Scavenger Hunts

Team Scavenger HuntEvent planners and convention organizers often have to make the most use of their time by scheduling as many activities as possible in the short time allotted. Unfortunately, this type of scheduling can lead to the attendees feeling overwhelmed and harried.  In exit surveys, attendees will leave comments like, “I really enjoyed the meeting, but we really need to get out of the hotel a little more next year”. Or, “Can we do something outdoors?” Team scavenger hunts are a great solution to this challenge, because they combine a fun, team activity with a chance to get out of the hotel or office and explore the area. These can be offered as both outdoor and indoor events.  In Ft Worth, The Stockyards and Sundance Square offer great venues. The West End in Dallas is also a great location. Other great areas include The Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine or The Galleria in Dallas. The Kimball Art Museum in Ft Worth is also a great indoor location. Six Flags and The Ripley’s Museum in Arlington and Grand Prairie are fun locations, too.  For more information, complete the form below…


Murder Mystery and Custom Classroom Training

Murder Mystery Team BuildingIf you are on a budget or if you are looking for a custom training program for your group, you have a lot of options available in Dallas or Ft. Worth.  The Charade Murder Mystery Team Event is a fun way to get your team to have a lot of fun, because unlike regular murder mystery theaters where actors are on the center stage, in this fun activity, your executives are the “criminals”.  This program is full of laughs and light hearted humor.  In addition, many Dallas team building companies are available to conduct anywhere from one hour to one week of custom classroom training to help facilitate real employee development including leadership, communication skills, and other soft skills training.  For more information, complete the form below…

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