River Ranch Texas Horse Park

River Ranch Texas Horse ParkOne of the newest venues for team building activities in Dallas, TX is the River Ranch Texas Horse Park. A few years back, the Dallas City Council decided to partner with a couple of non-profit organizations to build a Dallas park to compete with the Ft Worth Stockyards. River Ranch was the result. The venue has a fantastic glass walled meeting area in the center of a working horse ranch. Visitors can ride horses or participate in a number of team building events and activities.

River Ranch is a historic location in that it has the only natural spring in Texas. However, the big claim to fame for the ranch is that the land was previously owned by Davy Crockett’s wife. The land was given to her after Crockett perished in the Alamo. Today, though, the ranch has an old-world charm but all the luxuries of the modern era. The ranch’s chef has a full commercial kitchen, and the food is impeccable.

Team Building Activities at River Ranch (Dallas)

Because this location is somewhat unique, we offer a number of similarly unique team building events at River Ranch.

  • Camaraderie Quest: One of the favorite activities on the ranch is the outdoor team scavenger hunt called The Camaraderie Quest. It is a fun way to explore the grounds and find a few of the hidden treasures, here. Each team is given an iPad to document their individual hunt. The program ends with a slideshow of the top (and funniest) teams. You get to keep all of the pictures and videos created.
  • Charade Murder Mystery: The murder mystery team event is also very popular, because our instructors work with your executives ahead of time to be a part of the show. In fact, we’ll transform your managers into the funniest band of criminals to ever rustle cattle. The rest of your group will then have to figure out who-dun-it. It’s kind of like a cross between Bonanza and CSI, and it is a blast!
  • Charity Team Building: Because of the nice meeting facilities, this location is great for Build-A-Bike ® events or Ace Race ® events. These charity events can be conducted either indoors or outdoors.
  • Creating a Team Culture: Our custom team building workshops are a great choice if you have specific group challenges that you are trying to overcome or team goals that you want to accomplish. This location allows you to get your team outside of the normal confines of the office.

Download the Brochure: River-Ranch-Team-Building Brochure

For more details, make sure and check out the River Ranch Website.

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